Champagne Krug Vintage 2004 75cl - Gift Box

Champagne Krug Vintage 2004 75cl - Gift Box



Brand: Krug

Krug called this wine "solar viviacité" a great champagne for a very cool vintage

  • Grapes : Pinot Noir,Pinot Meunier,Chardonnay
  • Conservation : Enjoy it now or let it age 8-10 years in cave
  • Service : 9°C
  • Drinking note: Your Krug champagne vintage 2004 will beautifully accompany, cooked with quinces and citrus, like a tagine veal, lamb and quinces, a fine fish or shellfish in citrus-based sauces, oyster gratin agree with great finesse. It will also highlight spicy dishes with cinnamon, curry.
    For dessert, a Polynesian brioche or a citrus gratin gently accompany your Krug 2004.


Krug decided to create a vintage for this particular year and was named "Solar Warmth." It tells the unexpected story of 2004 was hot and Krug surprised by its freshness, its balance, its expressiveness, its liveliness and finesse. The expertise and thoroughness of Krug helped give birth to the Krug 2004. Like all Krug, Krug 2004 has excellent aging potential.

To the eye, it reveals a subtle golden yellow dress that presages a delicate finesse.
On the nose, there are very fresh citrus, plum, liquid honey and brioche.
On the palate, fresh summer fruit, pink grapefruit and candied peel, toasted hazelnut tart with caramelized apples come over you mouth. A very nice finish while complex.



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