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Owner noted of 5 by Larousse guide of champagne

Located in the heart of the great Marne Valley since the 17th century, René Geoffroy house up the Earth at the center of its approach. This search for harmony with nature is guided by its philosophy of respect for life, the environment and especially the future generations who will live in this Earth. It translates into the culture of our vineyard "lutte intérger", a farming method mainly based on observation, to prohibit any use of chemical herbicides. And to better preserve and enhance soil life, forcing the roots of their vines to dig deep nutrients, their practices are natural. The grapes from the three Champagne grape varieties, Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay, are first slowly crushed with the traditional press house. Then Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy committed a vinification. The isolation of the plots to the press can provide better characters each Earth. It offers a multitude of choices to the  winemaker during assembly to create wines of authenticity and uniqueness. the use of oak barrels, the wine making experience, brings subtle and complex flavors at once. Always lively desire to preserve the best of what nature offers, Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy, like his ancestors, avoids malolactic fermentation to retain its original freshness champagne. He accepts and taking a few risks, and chooses to assert the natural difference of its Champagnes.

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