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Growers for several generations, we develop our range of champagnes with our own grapes and those we buy from our friends winemakers. The soil of the Côte des Bar, composed of clay and limestone gives the traditional Champagne grapes, Chardonnay and Pinot Black, some very rich and fruity aromas, appreciated by connoisseurs. The blend of wines guard several years allows us to offer a range of champagnes consistent quality. To offer you champagne perfectly ripe, ready to drink, our wines are aging in cellar at least three years, and for vintages ten to fifteen years. Of wine in the "fermentation" or champagnization our ancestral experience is enriched with the latest winemaking techniques that allow us to control the quality of our production. Winemakers from father to son since the seventeenth century. The civil registers attest to the presence of our families in Buxeuil from 1642.
Very old cellar books relate our activity based winemaker and an old family tradition of several centuries. The development of the Champagne is the result of an authentic tradition that every family over the years, experimenting with its own techniques and rich. At the end of the nineteenth century Hyacinthe Diligent experimenting distillation techniques of marc de champagne, which established the reputation of our house. Carefully recorded in writing, its revenues are still the basis of our know-how.

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