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Champagne Mailly Grand Cru


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The name of the village of Mailly, come from the Latin "My Iiiusacum." The vineyard, planted long, seen rising in the plain, in the 13th century, the Cathedral of Reims. Political and religious elites appreciate the quality of its wines. They are served at the best tables, since the Middle Ages. The winemakers of Mailly, witnessed major events in the history of France and the accompanying economic boom champagne since its birth in the 17th century. Champagne Mailly is ranked Grand Cru in 1920. The exceptional quality of the grapes come from the chalk and its basement, perfect heat and drought control, and the gradient of its slopes which allows optimal sunlight. Today, only 17 of the 319 villages that make up the champagne wine producing grapes Grand Cru. Rare and expensive, they are usually reserved for the finest wines of Champagne. Uniquely, all Mailly Grand Cru range can claim this noble origin.


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