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Champagne Comtesse Lafond


Castle Comtesse Lafond Epernay is located in the prestigious Avenue de Champagne is a symbol of quality and elegance, such as prestige brands dedicated to the Comtesse Lafond, grandmother of Baron Patrick de Ladoucette. Its painted by Franz Xavier Winterhalter (1805-1873) portrait was also portrait of Queen Victoria, Empress of Austria, and many royal families of Europe, is today in the halls of the castle . It was also decided that his name be included on the prestige brands to perpetuate the symbol of quality and elegance behind our house. Family Comte Lafond, defenders great French wine traditions was able to breathe through expertise and passion unique elegance Champagnes "Comtesse Lafond."

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Champagne Comtesse Lafond Brut 75cl
Champagne Comtesse Lafond Brut 75cl


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