Champagne Piper Heidsieck 1996-2006 Pack Baccarat 2 flutes

Champagne Piper Heidsieck 1996-2006 Pack Baccarat 2 flutes


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Brand: Piper - Heidsieck

The 2002 is one of the best champagne vintage. An extraordinary champagne!

Two legendary bottles are exceptionally offered in this package.
A bottle of Piper-Heidsieck Brut Vintage 1996 so far kept carefully in the wine cellar of the house and a bottle Piper-Heidsieck Brut Vintage 2006. So it's a very rare vertical with 10 years of vintage that offers the Champagne House. A whirlwind of the senses.

This pack was produced in only 500 units (worldwide)....

  • Conservation : Enjoy it now or let it age 5 years in cave
  • Service : 10°C 
  • Drinking note: A mythical cuvée to be enjoyed during exceptional moments


1996 vintage, the wine cellar of the house Piper:

To the eye: A bright color, a bright yellow gold. A very fine bubbles, soothed by time.
Nose: The first delicate notes of cocoa powder enhanced with mint where rejoiignent perfumes pine resin, eucalyptus, peat evolving into verbena and green tea. Then the wine is more warm and tasty thanks to the fruit flavors, with hints of rhubarb jam, dried apricot and lemon confit. The finish reveals a wine while retaining very straight, with his alcohol plums notes.
On the palate: A fresh, delicate and fruity nose that foreshadowed ataque. The magnitude of cocoa, fruit compote of rhubarb combined with apple, fresh lemon confit, the embellished citron bergamot make it a svelte wine, refined, with great finesse.
Fine wine, straight, slender in its freshness with the elegance of a great vintage.

Vintage 2006 for exceptional verticalle dégusation:

To the eye: a pale yellow crystalline, in which the unusual proporton Chardonnay gives green hues. Paradoxical. The bubble is light, ethereal.
A nose of dried apricot flavors, the noted small red and black fruits (raspberry, blackberry) and spices keys. Intense and mesmerizing. A full and generous harmony.
On the palate: a dense and structured partculièrement the generous texture that evokes the candied orange peel, enhanced with smoked tea and toasted almond wine. A very long finish and freshness of Chardonnay that tames the strength of Pinot Noirs.
A balanced and friendly champagne.

Two glasses Chateau Baccarat Exclusive:

Baccarat continues with the glass collection Château Baccarat its quest for pleasure, offering his legendary skills to amateurs. Expertise as aesthetic and technical, in the service of all crus.- His arrrondi angle and wide base allow the wine to turn horizontally, but up or drop of alcohol on the walls and preserve the subtle flavors of any burning through oxidation. Without violence, smooth, and the wine keeps its full closed wall structure aromatique.- His condenses alcohol, volatile material, and leave the flavor complexity of the glass fill the parison during its rotation. Thus, all the aromatic diversity exprime.- To fully restore the composition of the wine, the vertical stack combines the flavors, in addition to offering real comfort to the lips.

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