Champagne Lanson White Label 75cl

Champagne Lanson White Label 75cl



Brand: Lanson

A new mode of consumption

Grapes : Chardonnay 38%, Pinot Noir 37%, Pinot Meunier 25%

Conservation : Enjoy it now or let it age 2 years in cave

Service : Very freshly (7°C) in big wineglasses specially adapted to this type of consumption. 

  • Drinking note : Add a natural ingredient (mint leaf, raspberry, orange peel …) according to your preferences, your desires, your desires, your humor … Shake circularly the glass to allow ingredients natural to free their aromas


Lanson White Label is the world’s first champagne which is especially elaborated to play with aromas ! This dry-sec champagne (32g/L) is unique and singular : a cuvée favoring Chardonnay for its fineness and Pinot Noir for the power. There’s no malolactic fermentation, allowing to highlight the fruit’s deep aromas, and this addition of a stronger liquor promotes the circulation of flavorings.


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