Champagne Lanson Black Label coffret New York

Champagne Lanson Black Label coffret New York



Brand: Lanson

A nice box of champagne to share for an unforgettable moment

Opinion of the guides
92/100 Wine Spectator
15.5/20 Bettane & desseauve
1 star Guide Hachette

  • New York Lanson gift box which contains 2 champagne Flutes Lanson and one bottle of Lanson Black Label

    : 35% chardonnay et 50% Pinot noir, 15% pinot meunier
  • Conservation : Enjoy it now or let it age 2 years in cave
  • Service : 9-10°C 
  • Drinking note: Champagne easy to enjoy during the aperitif or throughout the meal


An emblematic cuvée, Lanson Black Label owes its name to Victor Lanson, a passionate visionary who in 1937 wished to pay homage to the key market of the House at the time, Great
Britain. The style of this champagne blend is constant throughout the years, a balance between power and elegance, strong wine aromas and finesse, truly characteristic of the Lanson style.

After 3 years minimum aging cellar, Lanson Black Label is mature and harmonious. her dress is brilliant and clear, reflections amber with a cheerful string of fine bubbles. The nose, reveal scents of spring and subtle accents of "grilled" and honey thousand flowers. On the palate, bouquets ripe fruit and citrus give a feeling of fullness and lightness with final on freshness.

The ideal champagne that will delight all your friends during the aperitif

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