Champagne Napoléon


Established in 1825, this is one of the oldest Champagne houses. A prestigious name for exceptional Champagne. A rich palette of four vintages of their differences in flavors, shades and colors. Mature and further vintages aged in cellars far beyond the requirements of the appellation. Jean-Louis Prieur develops a trading activity in Vertus and founded in 1825, when he was only 26 years old, the family house Prieur-Bream. It is then that gives the House the name it still bears his name today, Ch & A. Prieur, "Ch and A. "Referring to the name of his son, Charles and Alphréde. A Grand Champagne associated with a great name: In the late nineteenth century to promote the Champagne House, the son of Jean-Louis Prieur, Charles and Alphrède chose to use the image of the emperor Napoleon in the design of a commercial large posters. It was printed in lithography in the 1890s for the first time by Van Leer in Amsterdam and then to Paris by Pichot. The original poster has a bottle of Champagne Ch & A. Prior Year in 1889 next to which is a bust of Napoleon 1st. The originality lies in the eyes of the Emperor eyeing the bottle with envy as well as the slogan inscribed on the bottom of the table: "Water it comes to the mouth."

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Champagne Napoleon brut vintage 2002 75cl
Champagne Napoleon brut vintage 2002 75cl

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Champagne Napoleon Brut tradition Magnum 1.5l
Champagne Napoleon Brut tradition Magnum 1.5l


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