Joseph Desruets

Champagne Joseph Desruets


An incredible story:

It was in 1888 in Hautvillers, even where Dom Perignon champagne conceived, that the family home was born.
Edmond-Alexandre Gillet and Laure-Vautrin then resell in clear wine pressing the fruits of their large Champagne houses.
To the rhythm of generations, the House parlayed its ancestral know-how to obtain wines to the specificities and flavors that make it a unique champagne. Today, Matthias and Thomas Kim Eun Desruets are the 5th generation perpetuating the tradition. Born in Seoul and adopted by a couple of Champagne wine growers, they have chosen to share their passion for wine in the land of their ancestors: South Korea.

An incomparable style:

Anxious to keep their identity and traditions, Matthias and Thomas Kim Eun always press their traditional way with grapes wooden press "Darcq Flamain" used by their ancestors since 1888. Each cuvée and carries the 125 years of history passion of the house. With a capacity of 4000 kg, the press strictly Oak lengthy crushes the fruit of work that will give all the subtlety and rarity champagnes Joseph Desruets.

House Desruets strives since the nineteenth century to produce the best champagnes

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